Healthcare Professionals

  • Communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking patients and colleagues
  • We focus on medical terms and procedures
  • Lessons may be customized to suit a particular type of healthcare setting or a specialized healthcare practice.
  • Luminoso also delivers Spanish translation on health-related documents

Legal Professionals

  • Acquire proficiency in speaking and writing in the Spanish language
  • Help bilingual and Spanish-speaking clients
  • Immigration, labor and business law lawyers, among others, benefit greatly from learning the Spanish language
  • Our programs are flexible and taught at any time of day. Our lessons fit into your busy work schedule


luminoso_filmFilm and Television Professionals

  • For those traveling to a Spanish speaking location
  • To communicate with Spanish speakers during production of a film or television series
  • Lessons customized for above-the-line talent, including news correspondents, behind-the-scenes talent, on-set equipment operators, drivers, craft services, etc.

Spanish for the Hospitality IndustryHospitality, Restaurant and Food Service Professionals

  • Designed for an industry heavily dependent upon both Spanish-speaking employees, as well as Spanish-speaking clientele
  • Focus on terminology and procedures for food preparation, restaurant management and service, catering, banquet management and service, and hotelier customs and protocol