Your Personal Goals and How to Achieve Them in the New Year

Many of us are frustrated when we look back at the goals we set at the beginning of the year and see how many of them are unfulfilled. Here are some thoughts about how to achieve your goals and some ideas about what some of them could be.

Stay Motivated:

Think small: Want to lose weight? That’s great, but break your goal into small pieces. If you want to lose 20lbs, break it up into 5lb segments. Training for a race? Start by running a distance you feel comfortable with and increase it over time, so you won’t feel like you’re defeated before you start.

Keep Track: Chart your progress. There will be ups and downs but stick with it! Two pounds  is TWO pounds!  An additional 100 yards in the same time frame is progress.

Celebrate your successes and stay positive: Talk about your successes to friends and family, they’ll give you positive feedback which will motivate you even more.

Find an accountability partner: Pick someone you trust and can be honest with you. Maybe someone that has the same goals so you can relate to each other’s struggles and accomplishments.

Cut yourself a break: This has two meanings – don’t be too hard on yourself, be realistic and keep your eye on the prize. And take a small break every once in a while; have a slice of pizza, skip a day’s training, but be sure and get back to fulfilling your goal right away.

Here Are Some Personal Goals You Might Find Interesting:

Of course, top of the list is learning a new language!

Learn a new hobby or skill – paint, garden, woodworking, learn a musical instrument.

Write a journal – Entries don’t have to be long, detail your daily highs and lows and when you look back, you’ll be able to see patterns that can help motivate you in attaining your goals.

Take a class – check out courses at local schools or online. Learn history, literature, art, coding, music.

Here are some self-improvement ideas:

Meditation or Mindfulness – meditation and mindfulness can reduce stress and help you focus. You can try it yourself, or here are some apps to help get you started:

Time Management – Do you ever wonder at the end of the day where all those hours went? Using a planner, whether physical or online, can help you fill in the time gaps and schedule the mundane things you have to do to spend your time more efficiently so you can achieve your goals.

Read More – Focus on what you’re interested in – be it fiction or non-fiction. Find a book club that reads the kind of books you’re interested in. It’s a great way to meet new people with parallel interests.

Staying motivated to achieve your goals isn’t easy, especially with the time demands in today’s world, but be practical and select what gives you fulfillment, break it up into practical steps and periods of time, and soon you’ll integrate something that’s important to you into your daily life.

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