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Do you want to learn a foreign language? Join Luminoso Language Services to learn Spanish at any level, beginner Italian or upgrade your English skills online. We offer personalized individual and group lessons for your personal or business needs. To contact us, click HERE, and we look forward to speaking with you.

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Ernst & Young

Luminoso’s classes are flexible and are tailored to me.
The instructor is extremely patient and shows in every lesson how much she
enjoys teaching. Moreover, she really understands how to teach adults and is
prepared with lessons and homework.

I highly recommend Luminoso Language Services and I give my personal reference.

Senior Manager
Ernst & Young

St Luke's Hospital

Luminoso Language Services Spanish language classes have been instrumental to helping our staff at the Child and Family Institute converse with patients who are native Spanish speakers and have difficulty with the English language. Our tutor worked effortlessly with our employees to customize the Spanish classes to our hospital staff needs.

Senior Social Worker
St. Luke’s Hospital

Neo Independent

My tutor is an excellent teacher. She is professional and serious about her students advancing. She speaks Spanish to us for the entire class, gently insisting that we do so, too. She is always punctual and pleasant. I find her teaching method interesting and challenging - creatively introducing new skills (so we don’t get bored) and going back to the basics (that we so easily forget).

My weekly class with my teacher is one of the highlights of my week.

General Manager

Cambridge University Press

Our teacher from Luminoso Language Services proved to be wonderful – flexible about what we talked about, as long as it was in Spanish – and encouraging us to learn everyday language that could help us “function” in Spanish, along with the grammar and vocabulary she taught. She was always prepared with worksheets she created to help us progress faster. She was flexible, reliable and competent. We learned a lot, and we always had great fun during the lessons.


Thin Crust Pizza

My tutor from Luminoso Language Services is excellent and I recommend her without qualification. I use Spanish quite a bit in my business, and have tried several teachers over the years. None has had the talent or the care that my tutor brings to the job. Her knowledge of the language – grammar, professional use, colloquial use, etc – is what one expects of a good teacher, but more important, I think, is that she has a understanding of how to teach. In her positive way, she will have you speaking the language immediately. It will feel like an adventure more than a chore. It’s a little bit of immersion without leaving New York! Buena suerte!

Thin Crust Pizza

Celeste Johnson

My teacher from Luminoso Language Services has been my Spanish instructor for over a year. Her classes have opened up a new world for me and expanded my capacity to understand, speak, and write in Spanish.

As a healthcare administrator working in New York City, having the ability to communicate in Spanish is very important. My instructor’s unique teaching style helps to make every class fun and informative. She is an excellent communicator and makes all of her students feel special.

I have come a long way with her and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to study with a “pro”……she’s the best.


We found Luminoso Language Services through an extensive internet search and multiple rounds of in-person interviews. Upon meeting the instructor, we knew that her method of teaching, work materials and enthusiastic personality were the right combination for our learning needs. She offered all the elements we were looking for, whereas other tutors were lacking in certain areas.
Working for a Spanish-based global media agency, it is extremely beneficial for us to speak Spanish with our overseas colleagues. As a native Spanish speaker, our teacher is passionate about her profession and easily facilitates an encouraging working environment.
With her friendly personality, focused lesson plans and excellent knowledge of both the Spanish and English languages, we highly recommend Luminoso to anyone who wants to start - or continue - their Spanish education.
MPG, Global Network Development

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