What Our Clients Say About Us

I completed a 3-day Spanish immersion course with Luminoso Language Services. I had an energetic and punctual teacher who was creative and patient and she tailored the lessons to the areas that I wanted to improve.

Learning a language is a very personal endeavor, and the right instructor can make all the difference. I recommend Luminoso Language Services with out reservation. My teacher’s professionalism and vivacious spirit made my 3-day immersion both enjoyable and highly educational. I have noticed a marked improvement in my Spanish since taking the lessons.

Chloe Carmichael, MA

Luminoso Language Services has helped me fulfill my lifelong dream of speaking Italian. 

Not only can I order food in Italian restaurants with ease, I’m planning trip to Italy and I will be comfortable traveling into remote areas where English isn’t spoken, because I’ve learned how to speak and engage in only nine months of lessons!

The virtual lessons have worked so well – I was able to come out of the pandemic with a new skill! Learning more with each lesson and looking forward to my travels. 

I highly recommend Luminoso Language Services. They were recommended to me by friends who study Spanish and I’m passing on the recommendation to anyone with a desire to learn a new language. Ciao!

Rick Wolffe

My experience with my teacher from Luminoso Language Services has been very productive and pleasant. She began coming to my house and we had face-to-face lessons. Then COVID hit and we continued via Skype. I was a bit concerned that it would not be as effective, but the transition was seamless.

She keeps the class interesting and relevant, often incorporating current events and daily life occurrences into the lessons. It is not solely what is in the textbooks. That makes it fun and enjoyable and therefore easier to learn.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Luminoso to anyone who wants to begin speaking Spanish.

Eric Altmann, Banker, New York

“Upon my transfer to the MetLife Latin American Finance unit located in Miami, Florida, I was introduced to my Spanish tutor. Given the logistics – she is in New York and I am in Florida – we communicate through Skype.

At first I was apprehensive about not having “live” contact but Spanish tutor soon showed me that my fears were unfounded. Our thrice-weekly lessons are just as interactive as if we are in the same room and we frequently use Skype texting. I admire her professional approach. It is obvious that she has put a lot of thought into how best to teach Spanish. For example, she understands the sequence in which the various topics should be introduced, so she does not blindly follow the order of the chapters in the learning books.

She encourages me to not only do the exercises in the books but to also make up my own examples. That goes a long way in helping me to learn! She is aware of the importance of reviewing the material and does so at the appropriate times. She also adjusts her expectations as the lessons progress – now we frequently converse in Spanish. Spanish tutor is knowledgeable with a great teaching style and I highly recommend her.”

Dianne Derrick, actuary.

“My Spanish teacher from Luminoso is great — enthusiastic, creative, and exacting.
Hire their services!.”

Stephen J. Dubner,
author (“Freakonomics,” etc.)

“If you are looking for a highly personalized, professional and convenient teaching experience you will find it in Luminoso Language Services. My Spanish teacher is a knowledgeable, skillful, and confident communicator and a good listener. My teacher is hard – working, organized and fully focused on my learning experience. My lessons are dynamic,
creative and fun”.

James Collins
Managing Partner of Eastwood Capital Partners, LLC
a private equity firm

Luminoso language classes have been instrumental to helping our staff at the Child and Family Institute converse with patients who are native Spanish speakers and have difficulty with the English language. Due to class popularity and success, we have added an additional advanced class and have graduates of the program working fluently in Spanish with our patients.”

Kiva Wilkinson, LCSW
Senior Social Worker

“Because of the nature of my job, the ability to speak Spanish fluently is greatly appreciated. After trying various alternatives, we hired the services of Luminoso. Since I started working with my teacher I am able to communicate more effectively with Spanish speakers in my professional environment. I highly recommend Luminoso Language Services“.

Frederic Levy
Former President-Nespresso U.S.A.

“I would highly recommend Luminoso Language Services. When I started studying with my teacher, I knew no Spanish whatsoever. Now I can hold basic conversations, and was able to get around Oaxaca on a recent Mexican vacation. “

Howard May, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist

My teacher from Luminoso is not only a thoughtful and patient teacher but also a wonderfully cheerful and positive person that makes learning a pleasure. We hired Luminoso Language Services to teach our consultants one-on-one Spanish lessons and they loved it. Highly personalized teaching and a convenient, professional service”.

Sam Hornsby
Director, Flamingo New York

We are totally enjoying our small group Spanish lessons with Luminoso Language Services. Our teacher is organized, intelligent and fun to work with – and a caring person. She both prepares thorough homework lessons for us to follow and lets us learn conversationally on Skype. We couldn’t recommend Luminoso highly enough if you want to learn the language for business or pleasure.

Jay Moldave and Lauren Cook, MC2

“As a healthcare administrator working in New York City, having the ability to communicate in Spanish is very important. Classes have opened up a new world for me and expanded my capacity to understand, speak and write in Spanish.”

Celeste M. Johnson

“My job requires a lot of international travel, including Latin America. My colleagues have complemented me on the improvement in my Spanish since I started lessons.”

Jamie Garde
Senior Information Technology Auditor

“Classes are tailored to my needs and my schedule. We focus on grammar and building my vocabulary but also using very practical and useful Spanish skills that enable me to communicate more effectively in my daily environment with Spanish speakers. As an attorney, I have the need for a specialized focus on legal vocabulary and content.”

Bethany Lampard
Attorney, NYC