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Corporate Courses

As business becomes more international and customers increasingly come from all walks of life, many companies have instituted on site language programs.

Such programs are ideal for international businesses or local businesses with international customers. This type of instruction is focused on individuals or groups from small organizations or corporations.

A customized program is designed to meet your company’s particular needs. Lessons content are designed according to the students’ level and are structured to reach their desired learning goal. We work around busy schedules.

Classes can be held before, during, or after work hours. The Corporate group price schedule varies based on size of class and your course demand, with no minimum participation required. Click here for more information.

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Online Private and Group Lessons for Individuals and Corporate Training

Does your company need Spanish language training for your staff? We offer lessons to individuals and groups to help your corporate and sales staffs communicate with Spanish speakers.


• Academic Documents

• Legal Documents

• Video and Audio

• Subtitles for Film and Video



We can help you market your business to the Spanish speaking audience

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Do you want to sell your services to the Spanish speaking audience? We can help you develop a training curriculum for your sales force.

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