The Benefits of Learning a Second Language

The obvious benefits of learning a foreign language are personal growth, possible career advantages in an expanding global economy and an increased awareness of other cultures.

But are there any advantages for you physiologically? Studies say yes! When you study a new language:

There’s increased growth in the areas of your brain associated with memory – it’s like a workout for your brain. Your memory improves as you learn new rules and vocabulary of a language.

Studies show that when you apply your mind to learning a new language, your ability to focus on other tasks becomes stronger. Being bilingual improves the brain’s executive function – the process we use for problem solving and planning.

You’ll improve the verbal skills in your native language.

Studies have shown that bilingual children perform better on skills involving verbal and nonverbal reasoning, including basic arithmetic skills.

So contact us at Luminoso Language Services. Whether you’re an advanced speaker that needs an update, a beginner that wants to speak a new language, or a company or business person that needs to communicate with Spanish speaking customers or clients, we’ll help you improve and develop your language skills in an organized easy-to-follow, personalized program.