Our Services

Spanish Lessons –
online only

  • Private and Group Lessons
  • Lessons for high-school students
  • Special Occasion

Professional Services

  • Private and Corporate Lessons
  • Industry-specific Refresher Course
  • Transcription
  • Training
  • Marketing

We offer private and corporate Spanish language services for both personal and professional use.

We also offer services for businesses:

  • that have Spanish speaking clients
  • that want to make sure that their employees are fluent in English and Spanish
  • that need their employees to have the ability to speak Spanish fluently

Who Have We Worked With?

  • HR departments
  • Companies that do business in Spanish speaking countries
  • Companies that have Spanish speaking customers or
  • Companies that have Spanish speaking staff.

All our services are online via all of the popular services

In addition to the services above, we offer transcriptions and translations from both Spanish to English, and English to Spanish.

• Remote services via Skype™ (or your favorite real-time
communication service)

• Whether you’ve never had a Spanish lesson, or want to build on
what you know.