About Luminoso

luminoso_about_bookSpanish language services, including:

• private and group lessons

• transcriptions by native Spanish speakers

• corporate and business services

We specialize in on-line lessons via Skype or your chosen service


Language lessons and training

We provide language lessons with a professional and personalized comprehensive approach adapting teaching and learning methods, materials and resources to your specific language and communication needs.

They are served both remotely or in person by visiting your office or place to study and are offered for all three languages: Spanish, English or Italian. Contact us to speak about your needs and rates.


We convert recorded speeches into a written or electronic text document. This service is provided to businesses, associations or non-profit organizations of all types of industries.

In a transcription, a source of spoken language is written into a text suitable for printing. Some common industries in which this service is provided are entertaining, sports or medical.

We provide this service only for English or Spanish languages. Contact us to speak about your needs and rates.