Learning Something New is Good for Your Brain

Research has shown that learning a new skill is good for you! It helps you focus, be in the moment, reduce stress and calm down. In other words, it gives your brain a chance to get out of your normal routine and relax.

Learning new things or acquiring new skills is not just for the young. A common assumption is that once we’re not children we stop learning, but new research has shown that we can learn, change and develop new skills as we age. A good combination of physical, mental and social attributes contribute to the best activities to learn and develop your brain.

But we’re all busy, right? How do we fit one more thing into our schedule? Remember, you’re doing this for you so treat it like the other important things in your life: Take a class – you’ll have to show up. Focus on one activity, that way you won’t be cluttering your mind with too much input. Schedule time to practice. Think of your practice time as an appointment that you have to keep, like a doctor’s appointment, haircut, or business meeting.

Look for an activity that focuses on specific skills: painting, learning an instrument or learning a new language. If you’re athletically inclined, take up a new sport or get more proficient at one you already participate in. A 2013 study showed that adults who did new complex activities performed better on long term memory tests than people who worked on crossword puzzles and reading.

Here’s a link to some research results.

Learning a new language or improving your current skills is a great brain workout. It encourages you to think differently, and uses different parts of your brain to encode new mental processes. So put down that crossword puzzle and contact Luminoso Language Services to start or improve your Spanish or Italian speaking skills today. It’s fun, educational and will keep your mind active and healthy.